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Buy and Sell with People and Businesses Nearby

A new way to buy and sell things, request and offer services, in your neighborhood. It's fun, simple and FREE.

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Discover things around you

Grabio helps discover what people and business nearby are buying and selling. Tell Grabio what you are looking for and the app will notify you in real-time when the wanted product or service is nearby.

Listings in Real-Time

Connecting buyers and sellers in real-time can be challenging. Through its visual, location and messaging features, Grabio adds elements of proximity, timeliness and social experience.

In your neighborhood

Grabio is available in all cities around the world. Launch Grabio, write a description, snap a photo and you can list your items in less than 30 seconds for all your neighbors to see.

" obviously good selling method for a number of items: tickets, textbooks on campus." "Finally, location-based mobile classifieds that are actually worth using" "Grabio aims to be a better Craigslist
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